My recent pick of Trance.

This track is simple sounding, yet a beautiful piece.  Nice classic sounding with soothing vocals.

FEEL & Andrew Mirt & Alexandra Badoi – Our Love (Christopher Corrigan Remix)

Progress on my personal ToDo app

Last year I created a personal ToDo app using Xamarin, and released it privately.  This year, I wanted to experience Blazor.  I decided to re-code the backend API handling database CRUD functions and get my hands dirty with Blazor Webassembly.
I kept things simple as possible, yet tweaked some stuff around to get a better understanding of the code instead of watching/reading an article and just slapping the code on.
Interface is prototype-ish.  Figured I’ll get my app running and then update as I go.

– Backend API hosted and ready to go.
– JWT Token, and expiration/validity check in place.
– Secure token in localstorage.  (Decided to use localstorage, instead of httponly cookie this time around)

– Add, Edit, Delete function.
– Archive page to browse past, completed ToDos.

AWS credentials location for Windows IIS

You’d expect to have the AWS credentials loaded up by your application via %userprofile%\.aws but no, it doesn’t.

I think I’ve spent about 2 hours searching for the solution.  Thanks to some random person, I figured out that you have to place the files here instead:

Now I finally got my ASP .NET Core 6.0 backend API running on my windows server.

Environment Variables -> AWS Parameter Store

After contemplating wether to use Azure’s vault, or AWS’s Secrets Manager, I’ve ended with the choice to use AWS’s Parameter Store.
Simple and clean.

– NuGet required (Amazon.Extensions.Configuration.SystemManager

For the minimal setup this is all you need in your Program.cs
builder.Configuration.AddSystemsManager(“PATH”, TimeSpan.FromDays(X));

I’ve safely stored the DB connection strings, and a few other sensitive data successfully.

New track I finished recently.

Been a while since I’ve finished an original track.  Hard trance on the faster side.  My next plan is to do my very first original Vocal track.  Goal is to get it done by next Summer.  Got too many things to study, and do per usual.

Netflix’s Cyberpunk Edgerunners

I just finally watched Edgerunners via Netflix.
My opinion would most definitely be biased due to being a Cyberpunk 2077 player, BUT I have to say the animation and color/styles they used was enjoyable and artsy.  Dark story all the way, just the way it was supposed to be.

Low Poly Earth

Todays’ Blender study/practice.   Low poly earth.
Skills learned:
– Link materials
– “.”(period) shortcut
– Rotate zz/xx/yy to transform locally
– Snap to faces