Todo mobile app progress

Done with:
– Web API to hand out JWT bearer token to limited user
– Mobile app to authenticate user, retrieve Token via API
– Mobile app to save bearer token, and load for httpclient calls
– A way to add token in the httpclient header
– Save login username in preferences.
– Save password securely encrypted locally
– Data Binding to <CollectiveView.ItemTemplate>
– Figure out how to convert DateTime binding data to Date string

Left with:
– Add pages to display category specific Todos
– Add a page to create a new Todo in database
– Checkbox selection to Update data in database
– Checkbox selection to Delete data from database
– Add internet connectivity check before communicating with API
– Return user to login if Token is expired
– Learn QueryAsync, UpdateAsync, DeleteAsync

– Touch up UI
– Testing anything and everything on iphone

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