MVC ? MVP? MVVM? Which should I use for each project?
Yeah, I get it. Depends on the scope of the project.
After programming for a few months, I am still not comfortable with what to use.
Figured out that for web api’s, it’s common or simpler to stick with MVC.
Other than the above, I’ll just revisit this diagram when I’m a lost lamb.

ASP.Net Core App to IIS subfolder

Having trouble publishing your .net core app to a subfolder?
Make sure to double check if you’ve:
1.) Converted that subfolder into an application via IIS Manager.
2.) Created and assigned a new Application Pool. (No CLR, choose No managed code)

As someone who’s worked in a Linux server environment for over a decade, basic things like this was an annoying obstacle. At the end, everything I read and studied to find this resolution will become new knowledge.

Oh yeah..and I wish I could change the display language to English, but this VPS hosting service doesn’t have the pack included with the image. Screenshot is in Japanese, but you get the point.

ASP.Net Coreで初めてのAPIが完成して喜んでいたけれど、サブディレクトリへパブリッシュしたらerror 500が出た。Unix環境がメインだった俺には、Windows Serverはまだまだ未知。いじるのは遥かに簡単だけれど、細かい仕様がまだわからない。そんなんで、自分のプログラム側の問題かと思ったりして解決策見つかるまで10時間近くかかったという。それまでフォーラム読みまくって、色々試した知識は無駄にはならない!

1.) IISマネージャー内でアプリを起動させるフォルダを右クリックして、アプリケーションへ変換。
2.) 新しいアプリケーションプールを作成してから、指定のフォルダへ設定。(CLRバージョンを選ばずにマネージドコードなし)

First REST Web API

今日は基本機能しかないAPIだけど、RESTful web APIをプログラムできた。

Thanks to the loads of resources online, I was able to finish my first REST Web API.
Feeling accomplished as a newbie coder.