New track I finished recently.

Been a while since I’ve finished an original track.  Hard trance on the faster side.  My next plan is to do my very first original Vocal track.  Goal is to get it done by next Summer.  Got too many things to study, and do per usual.

Video edit for ArcheAge

It’s been over 2 years since doing a video edit.
Celebrating the 8 year anniversary of the game, I spent a good amount of hours to create this ArcheAge video. The masking features have come along with with After Effects.



Blazor webassembly self-containedをアップしても’integrity’エラーで loadingで固まる。

Long story short, just add: <BlazorCacheBootResources>false</BlazorCacheBootResources>
to the properties in your .csproj file and rebuild.

(This is purely situational, further reading recommended)